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Are you not getting enough touches of the ball during your team training sessions?
Are you completely new to the game?
Are you a professional / semi professional player seeking more advice and practice?
Are you looking to improve just one specific weakness of your game? Well you’re in the right place!
Improve the following:
Your general technique / Awareness / Passing / Shooting / Dribbling / Heading / 1v1 defending & attacking / Confidence / Fitness / Speed / Balance /
Co-ordination / Fast feet / Your week foot / Train the brain / Learn new skills Meet new friends and players / Learn from others.

If any of the points are something you need work on or you simply want to work on everything then what are you waiting for, BOOK A SESSION NOW!
If you are not comfortable training on your own, you can bring a friend or friends. The session then will become a 2on1, 3on1, or 4on1.

2on1 Session: $40/Player

3on1 Session: $30/Player

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Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before participating in our football training sessions.

These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this Website. By using this Website, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this Website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

* I understand that I am required to have accidental medical coverage for the child listed on this waiver, and I verify that the information provided on this form is accurate and true.
* I understand and agree that if I do not have accidental medical coverage for the child listed on this waiver, I will be financially responsible for all charges and fees incurred in the rendering of said treatment.
* In case of an injury, I authorize the staff of Balr soccer Training to render first aid.
* I understand that at the discretion of the camp or training session supervisor and staff my child may be dismissed from the camp or training session without refund for inappropriate behavior.
* I understand that at the conclusion of the scheduled camp or training session time the program and staff are no longer responsible for my child.
* I give permission to use, reprint and produce any photographs or videos taken of my child and written materials supplied by me or my child in the form of evaluation during the youth sports program.
* I hereby authorize the staff at Balr Soccer Training to act for me in case an
emergency and waive and release Balr Soccer Training from any and all liability for any and all injuries and illness occurred while at camp or training sessions.

During the checkout process, you will be asked to enter your payment details. We only take payments by way of credit or debit card or Paypal or Venmo. By completing your payment details you confirm that the credit or debit card being used is yours. This website also uses PayPal to take payments for subscription and on purchasing a subscription you will be transferred to the secure PayPal site to make your payment. None of your payment details are stored on our server.

By signing this Waiver intending to be legally bound, I'm assuming certain risks and waiving certain rights, including a right to sue. I did read it carefully before signing, agreeing to release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless any of its members, employees, contractors, or agents representing or related to the BALR SOCCER TRAINING, LLC. I acknowledge that I have given up substantial rights by accepting this document and that I do so voluntarily. My acceptance (signature, if done in writing) attests to this on behalf of myself and my executors, personal representatives, administrators, heirs, next-of-kin, successors, and assigns.

I agree to indemnify, defend and hold BALR SOCCER TRAINING harmless against any liability, damages, defense costs, including attorney fees, or from any other costs incurred in connection with claims for bodily injury, wrongful death caused by the players, visitors, instructor's negligence or other wrongful acts or omissions. Further, I understand and acknowledge that BALR SOCCER TRAINING does not manufacture fitness or other sporting equipment, but purchases or leases equipment. I understand and acknowledge that BALR SOCCER TRAINING is providing recreational services and may not be held liable for any defective products. Further, I recognize that the minor cannot receive any medical advice related to the medical condition. In the event of an emergency or non-emergency situation in which my child requires medical attention during the training session, I hereby grant permission to the associated directors, members, owners, independent contractors, administrators, officers, managers, employees, coaches, trainers, volunteers, sponsors and advertisers, and other agents, estates or executors, for any and all medical and/or dental attention to be administrated to my child, at my expense in the event of an accidental injury or illness, until such time as I can be contacted. This permission includes, but does not limit to, the administration of first aid, the use of an ambulance, and the administration of anesthesia and/or surgery, under the recommendation of qualified personnel. I also agree to allow photographs of my child to be taken and used for promotional purposes. By signing below, I acknowledge and agree that you have read the foregoing and know of the nature of the activities and as a parent (guardian) agree to all the terms herein.


All purchases on are final. Therefore, we cannot issue any refunds for payments that have taken place.


I understand if I cancel my kid's participation for any reason up until 48 hours prior to camp or training session I will receive a credit for BALR future engagements fees paid that is good through the following year (365 days after notification) for any activity and is transferable only to any immediate family member. I also understand that if my kid DOES NOT attend the training session (no-show for any reason) or who does not contact BALR to cancel at least 48 hours prior to activity check-in will not receive a credit or refund.

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